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That's right.  I graduated.  I'm not so sure it's fully hit me, but it's been nice to have a weekend without the stress of finishing projects/presentations/papers/whatever.  It was nice to spend time with my family.  

Looking forward to getting out there and doing more work in the industry, though.  :)
  • Watching: Roswell
  • Drinking: Water

It's the number of fingers on a hand.
It's the number of toes on a foot.
It's my favourite number.  
It is also the number of months until I graduate.  

Less really.  October 31st is right around the corner.  Seems like just yesterday I started.  It's getting exciting!
  • Drinking: Water
I decided to finally break down and register on deviantArt and actually use it.  I'll slowly be putting things up here.  Between classes and other things, it will probably take awhile to sort through things though.  Not that it matters much since very few people know I've signed up here.  

Well... enjoy as they start popping up.  :)
  • Watching: Elizabeth
  • Drinking: Smoothie (Love my new Bullet)